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Complete high-performance cyber security solutions. Cyber security audit and analyze over existing infrastructures. Design, development and implementation of cyber secure and high performance information systems.


Effective and high-performance cyber security solutions

  • AUDIT AND ANALYSIS of IT (information technology) infrastructure. Assess the reliability and security of individual systems and their connections across the entire infrastructure, as well as the effectiveness of their use.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT and determining the degree of security or weakness in cyber security of IT infrastructure and network communications over intranets and Internet networks.
  • ISSUING RECOMMENDATIONS and implementing systems to increase the security of the systems.
  • SECURE REMOTE ACCESS VPN and secure home office access to corporate network and workplaces, secure remote administration, full working from a distance controlled only by your organization
  • INTEGRATION WITH CLOUD SERVICES, determining the degree of risk of a cyber security breach in relevant cloud services and their connection to private systems.
  • TRAININGS, implementation of good practices, certification. Provide support and administration of networks, servers, systems and communications.
  • DESIGN, development, implementation and maintenance of high performance and secure information systems and solutions, cloud technologies and integrated information systems, electronic services, data entry, processing and migration services.
  • ELECTRONIC ARCHIVING, digitalization, local and global networks and communications of national and regional databases and registers, system and network software.
  • CONSULTING ACTIVITIES in the field of information technologies and systems, project management, development and implementation of cryptograpfic solutions, cybersecurity and protection of critical infrastructure and information systems.
  • PKI SERVICES, building specific solutions, integration, implementation and support.
  • BLOCKCHAIN, development and integration of solutions.


The best and highly efficient modern technologies

  • Internet communications and computer networks, communications protocols, firewalls;
  • Operating Systems;
  • File servers and systems;
  • Data base servers;
  • Internet and Web applications;
  • E-mail servers;
  • Web servers;
  • Domain infrastructures;
  • Administration and remote access;
  • Data and content filtering;
  • Anti-virus protection;
  • Event monitoring facilities;
  • Data monitoring and filtering facilities;
  • Tracking of Internet communications;
  • Monitoring the impact of malicious activities;
  • Tracking for unauthorized data eavesdropping, unauthorized user actions, system status of networks, etc.;
  • Monitoring and tracking of entities monitoring the operation of secure infrastructure through computer networks;
  • Digital identity of users and computers;
  • Digital signining;
  • Verification of data tampering and other digital information;
  • Computer networks and communication protection;
  • Cryptographic protection and security;
  • Analysis of cryptographic tools;
  • Encryption file systems, data protection from unauthorized access;
  • Cryptographic hardware administration and software development;
  • Asymmetric and symetric encryption algorithms;
  • Digital tokens protection;
  • Multifactor authentication of processes, services and users;
  • Blockchain: Distributed ledger, Validation, PoW, PoS, Smart contracts, integration, technologies;


CyberSol is certified according to the international standards ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 9001.
Our experts are qualified and certified by the best and most reliable international organizations.  

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